5 August 2017 | DPS-KUL | Malaysia Airlines | MH714

Duration: 3h 05m
Aircraft type: Airbus A330-300
Class: Business
Departure: 12:55 (delayed by just under an hour)

Check in
Bali is served by Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport.  The airport is small, but busy, with flights arriving with increasing frequency from all over the region.  Check in was relatively straightforward, with the usual separation of lines for economy and business passengers.   Note that all bags need to be screened on entry (similar to Indian airports), so there may be a small delay in entering the main terminal.

There are two check in halls – large screens will show which hall each airlines check in desk is located in.   Business class check in was efficient with a total wait time of less than five minutes from entering the queue to leaving the check in area.  As there is no oneworld lounge at Denpasar, a lounge voucher was provided for one of the general airside lounges which was adequate for a short stay.  Note that there is no fast track available at security or immigration – regardless of class of travel or frequent flier status – allow at least twenty minutes to go through this on a normal day, and longer during peak times.

There was a reasonable duty free selection available with the usual products on sale – prices were comparable to other airports in the region.   There were plenty of promotions for multiple purchases of things like cigarettes or alcohol.   The lounge of an average size with plenty of seating and the usual fare of snacks and drinks.  Drinks in cans and bottles can be collected and taken out of the lounge.

Boarding took place about an hour later than scheduled due to a late incoming flight – the staff appeared to be handling agents rather than Malaysia airlines staff (they were unable to add my frequent flier number at the desk, for example, when I noticed it wasn’t appearing on my boarding card).

On board
This flight was on the same A330-300 aircraft as on outbound flight with flatbed service in Business class, although I was finally over my jet lag after ten days in Asia so managed to stay awake this time!  Pre departure drinks were offered (orange juice, apple juice, guava juice and water).

Overall we had a ground delay of around an hour, making this three out of four sectors on this trip with Malaysia Airlines that were delayed.  Thankfully I had a slightly longer buffer time in Kuala Lumpur on this return journey so I was not at risk of missing my connection again like I did on the outbound service.

The drinks trolley came around soon after departure and I was expecting the same ‘dry’ (non-alcoholic) service but was pleased to see a selection of beers, wines and spirits available as well as champagne on this flight.  The oneworld alliance has won a number of awards for its wines and champagnes (with perhaps Qatar having the best, offering Krug in business class!) – on this flight the champagne offered was a bottle of Dampierre and the wine selection was good.  I asked the crew why the DPS-KUL sector had alcohol but not KUL-DPS; he advised it was based on time of day and since my outbound flight was before midday there would be no alcohol. My connecting flight to Bangkok would continue to be dry but due to the length of flight (under three hours) rather than because of time of day.

There was a great selection of TV shows – I chose to watch How I Met Your Mother – episodes from S09E01 to S09E06 were available.  The crew were attentive throughout and regularly checked on passengers as they walked through the cabin – an enjoyable flight all round.

Arrival and Transit at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport has two buildings for scheduled flights – the main and the satellite. My arriving flight arrived in the satellite terminal but my connecting flight was departing from the main terminal – I would allow around 30 minutes to make the transfer by train between the two terminals.